About Digging Deep: The Journal for Seriously Ill Children

Digging Deep offers a fun and engaging way for kids and teens with serious illnesses to build emotional strength and resilience through journaling.

This 140-page journal, filled with writing prompts and beautiful art, helps kids and teens express their true feelings and find answers within. It gets them writing and talking about the very issues on their mind.

Kids are living longer today than ever with serious illnesses.  But what is often missing in their treatment is a safe outlet to communicate their thoughts and fears, so those around them will know how to help.


By answering Digging Deep’s prompts, kids and teens gain a sense of control, feel empowered to face their challenges more readily, and learn that their illness does not define them – THEY DO.  These are skills that will serve them the rest of their lives, whatever challenges they face.


We believe that sick kids need to express their feelings, and to heal emotionally as well as physically

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