Our Mission

Resonance House empowers children and teens facing serious health challenges to overcome the emotional burden of their illness or disability by helping them access their own inner strength through journal writing.

Our Vision

The vision of Resonance House is to be the catalyst that helps change the way society interacts with young people with health challenges.  We believe in authentic communication and sharing of feelings to promote emotional well-being.  Journaling should be one of many tools offered to young people to help overcome the emotional burdens associated with serious and long-term illness.

Resonance House

Resonance House, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.  The Foundation receives donations to support Resonance House general operations and book gifting program.  Through contributions, Silicon Valley Community Foundation strives to make Digging Deep widely available to every child who needs it.

Hospitals and organizations are invited to support Resonance House by making a voluntary contribution, seeking a sponsor to make a donation on behalf of their organization, or purchasing books at a bulk discount.  All financial support received will further distribution of Digging Deep.  To request books, please contact  info@diggingdeep.org or call (800) 488-3202 and complete our Client Profile.

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