Meet Rose Offner, Coauthor of The Digging Deep Journal

Digging Deep - Meet Rose Offner, Coauthor of The Digging Deep Journal - RoseI ask a lot of questions. I always have. And then I listen. I love where questions lead me. I love learning about people – what brings them joy and what challenges them; I want to know their stories.

As a writer and artist, I am inspired by problems that lead into the exploration of universal issues. Life’s conflicts and challenges are at the center of my writing and my art. Each of my journals teaches the art of personal narrative to keep our stories alive and our spirits strong. My first book, Journal to the Soul, was written as part of my search to overcome my fear of writing and sharing my voice with others. When I wrote Journal to Intimacy, it was because I was ready for true love, and wanted to meet the man who would become my husband.The inspiration for Journal to the Soul for Teenagers came from my then-teenage daughter’s struggle with drug addiction. Throughout my life, journaling has helped me meet life’s challenges – whether they be internal or external – with courage and hope.


My work as a motivational speaker, writer, and visual artist has given me insight and understanding into the ways that imagination, voice, and soul can be captured and shared in stories. One of my greatest passions is guiding people as they find their own voices by listening, writing, and sharing.

Recently I was working with a five-year-old girl using Digging Deep. The girl couldn’t write yet, so I was her scribe. She told me a story about a little girl who was in the hospital with asthma. She was afraid that she would not have enough air and die. The girl was afraid of the doctors, the hospitals, and the tests, and afraid of being alone in the dark.

Rose_page_2ndBut then she realized that the medicine, the pumps, and the treatments made her feel better, and she was going to be all right. The girl felt safe. By the end of the story she told me, I could see a noticeable difference – a sense of pride she had gained from finding her own way and having someone else witness her transformation. Even though she was shy, she was able to honestly tell me her story and smile at the outcome.

It is my belief that journaling has the power to help us discover our unique voice, connect with our inner wisdom, and help us heal. Asking ourselves uncomfortable questions isn’t easy, but those questions open our minds and help us connect with our own hearts. It’s this deep awareness that allows us to find our voice and trust it.

Our stories have the power to inspire, to heal, and to guide us in the direction of our hopes and dreams. Our stories can change our lives.

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