Jamee Lynne
I am a country girl with a rocker heart with a passion for Jesus, makeup, Disney and for finding a way for those with chronic illness to lead full and joyful lives. I am also a proud YPW (youth pastor’s wife) and mama to an amazing and compassionate little girl through the miracle of adoption. I love rocking purple hair and tattoos but also love riding horses and wide open spaces. With God’s strength, I battle endometriosis, fibromyalgia, gastroparesis, Celiac disease, chronic migraines, postural hypotension, severe anxiety, and a smattering of symptoms no one has quite been able to explain. Despite it all, I refuse to give up hope and vow to live boldly with every breath I take.
BLOG Posts:
4 Things You Need In Your Advocacy Toolbox

4 Things You Need In Your Advocacy Toolbox

Jamee Lynne has battled a range of chronic conditions for most of her young life. In this post also published at her website, ANewKindOfNormal.com, Jamee describes the skills she has discovered along the way that have helped her advocate for the care she needs. We...

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