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Our blog has a wealth of resources and the latest professional advice on supporting the emotional needs of sick children and teens.

Creating Videos Helps Hospitalized Kids Gain Mastery

Through video and the compassionate process of making art, Laki Vazakas hopes to help pediatric patients, parents and professionals see beyond sickness and hospital rooms to look at life with new eyes.

4 Ways Simple Toys Can Help Kids Express Emotions

When your goal is to help your child process the emotions associated with a medical condition, keep it simple. Working together with basic materials can be a window into your child’s world.

How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Laughter implies that you can go on. Laughter implies that you will go on. If you can find something to laugh about, even for just a few seconds, it is a sign that you can survive your situation.

Top 10 Tips for Talking to Your Teen

Trying to get through to your teen can feel about as productive as trying to get your houseplant to empty the dishwasher. Here Liza from Teen Mental Health shares their top tips for using conversation to create connection.

Can a Child’s Therapy Affect a Parent’s Health?

Choosing to seek mental health support for your child is challenging. But once a child is in therapy, it seems to help not only the child’s mental health, but the well-being of parents as well.

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