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Our blog has a wealth of resources and the latest professional advice on supporting the emotional needs of sick children and teens.

Finding True North

Sometimes it is only when the path we are on is interrupted by unforeseen circumstances that we rediscover our own True North.

The Power of Authenticity

The first step to harnessing the power of authenticity is discovering what it actually means for you

Are We Raising Screenagers?

Instead of trying to pry that screen from your child’s hands, consider working with your child to discover ways to use that screen to engage his or her learning, motivation and imagination.

Managing Transitions

The transition from school to summer has me thinking about the smaller transitions that we face on a regular basis and how we can manage, cope, even celebrate those as we move forward in our complicated lives.

Creating Videos Helps Hospitalized Kids Gain Mastery

Through video and the compassionate process of making art, Laki Vazakas hopes to help pediatric patients, parents and professionals see beyond sickness and hospital rooms to look at life with new eyes.

4 Ways Simple Toys Can Help Kids Express Emotions

When your goal is to help your child process the emotions associated with a medical condition, keep it simple. Working together with basic materials can be a window into your child’s world.

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