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Our blog has a wealth of resources and the latest professional advice on supporting the emotional needs of sick children and teens.

5 Tips for Embracing Hope in 2017

Being hopeful is not the same thing as being unrealistic or in denial. Hope can provide the courage to face each new day. Hope can mean acceptance.

Tips for Caregivers to De-Stress for the Holidays

No matter if you are caring for youth or others with chronic illness, medical crisis, or extended rehabilitation, caregiving is no easy task. Here are some helpful tips to ease the emotional burden of caregiving, especially around the holidays:

Be The Dream

I challenge you: Why would we see things so vividly in our mind if we didn’t have the power to make it come true?

Disability: It’s How You Look At It

We ALL want to enjoy a good, meaningful, quality of life with people to love, something to do, something to look forward to and a place to belong, regardless of our ability or disability.

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