Has being sick turned your world upside down?

It can be really hard on your emotions, especially if you have dealt with health challenges for a long time. You probably have good days and bad days. Everyone does, but you may have more ups and downs than most of your friends, because of being sick.

Guess what? Digging Deep can help you turn your life right-side up.

See kids using Digging Deep:

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Tricks Up My Sleeve | Throwing Out the Trash | Give Yourself an Award

You may not be able to do much about your physical condition, but Digging Deep helps you take charge of your emotional health. Through journaling, you’ll better understand yourself and your feelings. That gives you confidence to share what is going on with you. Opening up with those who love you and with your medical team makes it easier for them to understand what you need. How can they know if you don’t tell them? Already using Digging Deep? youthTell us what you think! Survey for Kids.

By writing about your life and all your thoughts and feelings, you discover your personal story. Your story will make you feel proud. Dig deep— you owe this to yourself because you’ve been through a lot.

Always remember, if you are feeling sad or overwhelmed, reach out to a caring adult. They are there to help you.


Youth_page_2ndDigging Deep helps you “look inside yourself” and what it feels like to be in your situation. We know it’s not easy. Making sense of your feelings is called “introspection”—a big word, but it just means searching within yourself for answers, and that’s what Digging Deep is all about.

Digging Deep - Young People with Serious Illnesses - Camp-Okizu 8874Putting your thoughts on paper is even better than just thinking about them. Digging Deep makes it easy for you. It’s full of ideas to write about, and is also loaded with amazing artwork—over half done by kids—that helps you get creative and start writing.

Best of all, you’re in total control of how, when, and what to write. There’s no right or wrong way to do it—there’s only your way. You’re the boss. It’s empowering to figure out just what you feel, and to create a book about it. Your story is something to be proud of.

You can keep your journal private or you can share it. That’s totally up to you. Whichever way you choose, you will quickly discover that expressing how you really feel is easier than you ever imagined and it feels good.

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