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early_users1Today we can treat serious childhood illness more successfully than ever before. But with this comes a host of late effects and potential emotional issues for survivors, often lasting through adulthood.Pro_Overview_1

Offering Digging Deep to children with serious illness is a fun and affordable way for young patients to take an active role in their emotional recovery.

Digging Deep is a simple yet structured tool that helps kids share their feelings with their families, medical professionals, and everyone around them. Learning to communicate better is a skill that will serve them all their lives, whatever challenges they face.

[divider_flat]Digging Deep - Professional Caregivers: Discover Journaling - Camp Okizu 8915The emotional needs of young survivors are growing; at the same time ongoing psychosocial support is not always available. The attention of a hospital’s social support team is often diverted to handling logistics for the family. Many times children are not in the hospital long enough to receive services, or when they are there, they are too sick to benefit. Even though we all know that emotional health is a critical factor for physical health, only a small fraction of the children who need ongoing professional intervention are receiving it.[divider_flat] Pro_Overview_2 Digging Deep helps kids tap their personal power through introspection. By expressing their emotions through narratives, young people can begin to understand how their illness affects them. It helps them see their health challenge as only one aspect of who they are. Pro_Overview_4   Download free bookmarks!

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