SheriWow, I need a book like Digging Deep!

This is one of the exclamations we most frequently hear about Digging Deep.  Yes, many of the questions can apply to anyone, and by design the writing prompts are such that a very broad audience can relate and benefit from ‘digging deep’ for answers. But, from the start we wanted to create a book especially for kids struggling with health challenges. We wanted to remind sick kids that there is so much more to them than their diagnoses.  Dealing with illness is only a part of who they are.  We wanted to capture their dreams, their life stories, and the whole range of their feelings that come with just being a kid. Our endgame is for the medical profession and for families to treat the whole child.

Parents, siblings, and sometimes anyone seeing Digging Deep may want to jump right in and start doing some of the exercises themselves. Please do! One Mom emailed me to say she was working her way through the book to keep her relaxed and hopeful while her daughter was in ICU.  A cancer support program for adults is using Digging Deep with teens whose parents are sick.  Another young woman who survived cancer three times and is now a volunteer at Camp Okizu, a camp for kids with cancer that she had attended as a child, asked me, “I’m 25 and took a copy home because I never had a chance to think about all of this when I was sick and I really think I need to now, is that okay?”  Of course the answer was a resounding yes!

Review copies of Digging Deep are being used in places and by people we had only hoped to reach—such as eating disorder clinics, schools for kids with emotional problems or ADHD, and programs for siblings.  Almost anyone facing challenges can benefit from journaling and tapping his or her inner strength.

Looking for inspiration?  Try the Heart Songs or Angels Fly exercises.  Want to let go of something bothering you?  Just Throw out the Trash!  Are you scared or confused and need to work through something?  There are many exercises throughout Digging Deep that can help you.  We’ve even included extra questions in the back of the book that can be cut out and pasted right over ones which might not apply to you.  Yes, even crossing out a question and writing a new one is strongly encouraged!  Bottom line: there is no right or wrong way to use our journal.  Customizing Digging Deep is all part of the creative process and will help make your story yours—and something to be proud of.

Sheri Brisson
Sheri Sobrato Brisson is a brain tumor survivor who discovered the importance of self-reflection during her recovery. From her personal illness experience and a dozen years supporting families and children with serious illness, her life’s philanthropic mission is to empower families and children facing serious illness. She has started and facilitated support groups for children with illness and their families for over twenty years with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, National Brain Tumor Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and Packard Children’s Hospital. She has served as Board Member for many children’s health nonprofit organizations including American Cancer Society San Jose, UCSF/Mt. Zion Auxiliary, Creighton Health Institute, and Okizu Foundation. Brisson received her master’s degree in counseling from Santa Clara University and her undergraduate degree in human biology from Stanford University.
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