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The Digging Deep blog gathers voices of experts, survivors, parents, caregivers and patients to offer information and inspiration for everyone dealing with serious or chronic health conditions.

We believe that every young person struggling with illness has a story to share. We celebrate teen and young adult stories and insights in the voice of young writers
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Finding True North

Sometimes it is only when the path we are on is interrupted by unforeseen circumstances that we rediscover our own True North.

Easing the Pain of Trauma Through Creative Expression

When Emily was struggling most, she took out her pain on the people around her. She threatened violence first to her schoolmates, later to her principal, and finally to herself. What she didn’t tell people was that after her father lost his job, he became abusive, and...

Starlight Children’s Foundation

  Starlight Children’s Foundation is on a mission to improve quality of life for children, families and communities around the world.  Starlight does this by aligning with global, national and community partners to advance children’s health in every dimension –...

Decorating Your Journal

Make an envelope for your PRIVATE THOUGHTS to glue into your personal journal At age 16, I began keeping journals filled with art, poems, pockets, and envelopes.  I realized part of what makes journaling fun is when your journal becomes a place to express your...

How Digging Deep Helped Me

I am a 16 year-old girl from Northern California, and have had Lyme Disease for seven years. Digging Deep helped me take it one step at a time and reflect on my emotions and what I was going through. It can be very hard to understand my feelings about my symptoms, but...

Parents, You Can Journal Too

As we discussed in our blog last week, the Family Centered Care model reflects an understanding that parents are vital partners in their child’s care. But what about your own needs? One of the most common reactions to Digging Deep I’ve heard from parents is, “Hey, I...

Journaling Ideas For Well Siblings

When a brother or sister has to cope with their sibling’s serious or chronic illness, these special sibs can feel great admiration for their brother and sister, as Jennifer warmly described in her blog last week. But siblings can also carry the weight of their own...

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