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The Digging Deep blog gathers voices of experts, survivors, parents, caregivers and patients to offer information and inspiration for everyone dealing with serious or chronic health conditions.

We believe that every young person struggling with illness has a story to share. We celebrate teen and young adult stories and insights in the voice of young writers
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Tell Us What You Think About Shadow’s Edge!

Last Monday, we announced the release of our game, Shadow’s Edge, the first FREE game designed to build resilience in young people facing health challenges. Now we need your help to bring the game to young people who need it most!

The Bright Side of Sickness

Five years ago, Nicole was diagnosed with Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome, a rare congenital condition that results in chronic pain. Now she says the condition and a surgery to correct it have helped her “focus on the most important issue of all: humans being there for one another when they need it the most.”

Don’t Act Strong — Be Strong

Digging Deep founder and 30-year cancer survivor, Sheri Brisson, finally realized that, “in order for me to heal emotionally, I had to stop all this doing—and just start feeling.”

Finding Strength Through Faith

When I was younger, I went to church because that’s what my parents did. I went to Sunday School because I was told to. But then I grew up, and had to decide if it was something I wanted for myself. No one would wake me up in the morning and tell me to go to church,...


Whether you are facing a health challenge, supporting someone battling illness, or grieving for a lost loved one, trusting in a higher power or finding a place of solace within can provide much-needed strength and help you heal and grieve. Even the most devout...

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