I represent Camp Okizu, a program supporting all members of families affected by childhood cancer. We are very fortunate to have this book as one of our resources. Children with cancer often have to miss out on participation in lots of activities due to their treatment so it is very isolating, and makes them feel alone. The same can be said of their siblings who are often left with friends and see themselves as not as important as their sick brothers and sisters who get all the attention and presents. They also feel guilt about feeling resentful toward someone who may die.

This book will give them the opportunity to express and deal with their feelings about their loss of control, changes in their appearance, family dynamic, and ,many other changes that cancer brings about. We are happy that we can provide a camp setting where there are 100 kids just like them to reinforce the expression of their feelings and that they are not alone.
We really like the empowerment it gives the kids who often feel like they have lost control. Especially “throwing out the trash”. We could all benefit from this one.

We had the opportunity to have Rose and Sheri at camp this summer and have seen the positive response the kids have to this book and the whole program. Congratulations to them for producing such a helpful emotional place to be.
– John Bell, Okizu Founder and Chairman (Amazon book review)


Garth Sundem
Garth Sundem is a parent, husband, GeekDad and author of books including "Real Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Change". Find him at www.garthsundem.com.
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