the world

is your canvas and your words, your adventure!


Shadow’s Edge is a mobile game available for FREE download at the App Store and Google Play that helps young people explore challenging emotional experiences — because everybody is going through something!

Designed and developed by the Digging Deep Project, the mobile game Shadow’s Edge reaches young people where they are — on their devices! — with a guided journey of emotional exploration meant to help teens and young adults tap into their healing power of self-expression.

Check out our FAQs to learn more about Shadow’s Edge and the psychology, storyline, research, and team behind the game

“The game made me see positive things about myself.”

– Maaike, 19

“My daughter connected with the writing in a way that was quite
surprising to me. She found it calming and positive because
she could see her own impact on her game world.”

– Linda, mother


We conduct and support research to deepen our understanding of how game play can help patients build resilience through learning to examine and express emotions associated with challenging experiences.

Our in-house research with 55 teens and young adult pediatric and mental health patients measured the effect of playing Shadow’s Edge during a one-month period on the factors shown to build resilience in academic literature.

Research showed significant increase in all seven resilience factors studied, with emotional regulation, optimism, and positive self-identity showing the greatest change.

Further research is being conducted at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital with adolescents and young adults with cancer at their final stage of treatment and into survivorship.

If you have ideas to share about how you can help with or for more more information about impact research opportunities, please contact feedback@diggingdeep.org.

Impact Achieved

Realized others think and feel the same


Understand others
better now

Felt more real
after playing


Felt creative
and had fun
* Research in collaboration with the university of Twente, The Netherlands


The purpose of our content is to invite self-exploration and self-expression, which may trigger strong emotions. We advise that you reach out to a qualified healthcare professional if you or the young person you are supporting is uncomfortable with feelings being experienced, are in need of emotional support, or have questions regarding a medical condition.

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