Click below to download Shadow’s Edge, because every teen deserves the chance to explore their illness and to build resilience through their experience.

The quest of Shadow’s Edge is to revive an abandoned city through self-expression. The game invites players to explore the issues they face by creating graffiti and writing in their journal. Players master the stages of Disruption, Disillusionment, and Discovery to add vibrancy and life to the city of Shadow’s Edge, unlocking key wisdoms and connecting with peers along the way.

A game where teens are empowered to take charge of their emotional health and:


  • come to terms with their experience
  • discover and listen to their voice
  • express and trust their feelings
  • embrace their story as part of who they are

“At first, teens may not even know how they feel, but as they journey through the game, there’s a greater understanding and a sense of resolution.  Integrating one’s illness into one’s identity is the ultimate goal of Shadow’s Edge.”

–Sheri Sobrato Brisson, Founder, the Digging Deep Project 

A few powerful images created by players using tools in the game

This game is full of enjoyment, creativity, and tough questions that stir the heart and soul.  Thank you so much for making such a very powerful game!  I’ve actually come to tears while playing this.  Even though I’m a cancer survivor and that battle is in the past, this game has brought up a lot of things that I had never processed fully or even connected.  So, thank you for helping heal my heart.

Kayla, 23

Love this so much! Now we can come out of our shells one person at a time by showing how authentic we truly are from the inside out.


I’ve been sick 26 years now and am an avid online gamer.  The gaming community really needs this.


It’s like a best friend who is always there.


I love the idea of a storm changing everything and you get to slowly brighten the world up.  It makes you feel as if you can make something better, even while you yourself are still sick.


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