We Believe That

Every young person can work through their challenges if given the chance to Dig Deep  

At the Digging Deep Project, we envision a world where every young person has access to the tools he or she needs to build emotional resilience. With support from philanthropist and survivor of young adult brain cancer, Sheri Sobrato, we built Shadow’s Edge, the first FREE self-help mobile game designed for teens and young adults to tap into their healing power of self-expression. Now we are honored to continue offering tools for self-expression and personal growth with the Shadow’s Edge Guide to Self Awareness, a hands-on workbook for young people on the journey to know themselves better.

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Shadow’s Edge 

Where the world is your canvas and your words, your adventure!

Shadow’s Edge is a mobile game available for FREE download at the App Store and Google Play that helps young people explore challenging emotional experiences — because everybody is going through something!

Designed and developed by the Digging Deep Project, the mobile game Shadow’s Edge reaches young people where they are — on their devices! — with a guided journey of emotional exploration meant to help teens and young adults tap into their healing power of self-expression.

Learn more about the psychology behind the game, how we involved children’s health experts in game creation, what our research is showing about the game’s effects on resilience, and how you can get involved!


With Kristi Pikiewicz, PhD

Illustration/Design by Ilse de Cock

The Shadow’s Edge Guide to Self-Awareness 

A Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Workbook for Teens

Shadow’s Edge was hit by a storm and now the city is bleak and lifeless. Help the Guardians Ty, Maize and Pax pass through the stages of Disruption, Disillusionment and Discovery as you complete hands-on activities to bring color back to the city, and come to know yourself a little better along the way.


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