Medicine alone cannot heal a child’s heart

We believe that sick kids need to express their feelings, and to heal emotionally as well as physically.  That is why we created the Digging Deep Project—to empower children and teens facing serious health challenges to overcome the emotional burden of their illness or disability by helping them access their own inner strength to live with their health challenges.

Every young person working through significant health challenges has a story to tell.

Storytelling is a way to recover the voice that illness, diagnosis, and treatment have taken away.

Joanna Shapiro, MD

UC Irvine School of Medicine

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Helping Kids Heal Through Play

Not only can play help a child express difficult emotions, but playing WITH a child can help you create a relationship in which the child trusts you to hold these emotions.

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Updated every Wednesday, the Digging Deep blog gathers voices of experts, survivors, parents, caregivers and patients to offer information and inspiration for everyone dealing with serious or chronic health conditions.

Thanksgiving, Cancer and Gratitude

Because I’m a college student with a million and five things on my to-do list every week, I tend think on my yoga mat. Our instructors always ask us why we are practicing — my reason has a lot to do with being a cancer survivor.

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Dispelling Diabetes Stereotypes

When you think about diabetes instead of thinking about donuts and sugar, try to think about the 5 year old who just gave his first insulin shot, the hormonal middle schooler who has tried so hard just to fit it and is now learning to live with a life changing illness.

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