that every young patient
can embrace their own realities
if given the chance to dig deep.

Why we do
what we do

It is not easy to talk about the dark
and scary side of illness–and these
conversations are most difficult
to have right when we need them
the most.

Many young people do not know what they are thinking or feeling, and they often don’t have the words to express themselves, or even to know how to start. What’s missing in adolescent health is a simple tool that guides adolescent patients through their emotional journey.

We envision a world where every young patient has real-time access to the tools he or she needs to build emotional resilience.

We activate the healing power of self-expression through fun and accessible digital self-help tools that deliver psychosocial interventions right where kids are: on their cell phones, playing games.

Our newest product, Shadow’s Edge, is the first self-help mobile game designed for teens and young adults to tap into their
healing power of self-expressios

How we started


With a beautiful journaling tool: Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges by Rose Offner, MFA and Sheri Brisson, MA (Resonance House, 2014).
In response to overwhelming demand for our journal, we created Shadow’s Edge, the first mobile game designed to build resilience in young patients ages 13 and older as they learn to live with their medical conditions. Like our journal, Shadow’s Edge is made available at no cost and no advertising to patients, their families, and the healthcare
professionals who support them.
Today, we elevate the importance of emotional wellbeing of young patients by offering research, blogs, and engaging digital content for professionals, parents, and young people. We conduct research and work with teens, experts, and health professionals to provide the best evidence-based innovations to build resilience and support emotional wellbeing in patients.
Our commitment is to provide our content at no cost, and with no advertising, to teen patients across the United States.

The Digging Deep Project has been passionately led by the founder, a brain cancer survivor herself. Our management team encompasses expertises in psychology, game design, marketing, and technology.

We are a mix of people from different backgrounds: Psychologists, Technologists, Screen Writers, Authors, Mothers, Fathers, Friends, Seekers.


Founder of the Digging Deep Project

Sheri survived brain cancer as a young adult. She coauthored and philanthropically distributed Digging Deep, on which the game is based. Sheri is now on a mission to help more young people through developing electronic products. She has a long-term passion for working with kids and teens facing health challenges and holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology.



Rosemary is a writer, technology entrepreneur and game producer. She concentrates on working in social and environmental change and philanthropic projects. She uses her ‘techspertise’ to produce content she is passionate about, focusing on impact messaging in entertainment and gaming. She regularly blogs and writes screenplays. She is an investor and mentors young entrepreneurs.

Read more about Rosemary at lokhorst.ch


Player Research

Kevyn Eva is a digital transformation consultant working with global clients on how employees connect, communicate and collaborate using the latest technologies. Kevyn Eva holds a Master in Media Innovation and brought “The Identity Upgrade” to market. She advises Swiss niche publishers on their digital go-to-market as well as engages in mentoring students and women to gain access to the job market.

Read more about Kevyn at ch.linkedin.com/in/kevyneva


Blog and Social Media Manager

Garth is an author, science writer for the University of Colorado Cancer Center, and parent of a child with Chiari who is stronger than he will ever be. Garth uses a decade of experience as a blogger at sites like DiggingDeep.org, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Scientific American, WIRED, and GeekDad, bringing words of healing, inspiration, and wisdom.

Read more about Garth at www.garthsundem.com


Research and Customer Relations

Nancy conducts web and social media and analytics for both the Digging Deep project and Shadow’s Edge. She provides insights and feedback for our social media platforms, research on trends about our markets and our products. She is also responsible for customer relations, processing orders, prepare correspondences and fulfils customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Read more about Nancy at linkedin.com/in/nancy-imado

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