I’ve always been a self-starter, jotting down new ideas, my desk filled with post-it notes!  My imagination and creativity is sparked by the many things that inspire and motivate me in new ways.

People call me a dreamer.  Well, I think that is pretty accurate…

I believe in the power of our dreams and that they illustrate the ability to take us to our highest being.  To reflect how we are different from each other in extraordinary ways, to be that which makes us beautiful on the inside, not the outside.

My goal is to live as though Heaven is here on earth and every day is an opportunity to touch others I come into contact with.  To help others reach for that being we are truly meant to be and fulfill our destiny.  Dreams give me depth, clarity and inspiration to just be me.  That is the meaning of my life.

I challenge you:  Why would we see things so vividly in our mind if we didn’t have the power to make it come true? To me, that’s what is impossible. To NOT believe in following dreams or NOT to DREAM BIG. What?! That makes no sense to me.

Donnette Heath DancingSo, call me a dreamer?  Yes, please do!

In January 2013, I survived a hemorrhagic stroke that has left me disabled on my left side, but not in my brain!  That life-altering experience only fuels my dreams and propels me to NEVER GIVE UP!  Life IS too short.  I have never been more confident than I am right now.  Why?  Because I am who I am, exactly as you see me, not trying to be something I am not.  Life is precious, and I was blessed with a second chance.  I am so grateful—not just this Thanksgiving, but every day.


Donnette Heath
Donnette Heath is an Entrepreneur and Dreamer. She is the Founder/Co-Director of Dance Repertory which has produced 15 annual youth dance festivals. She is the author and creator of D’Ants in Your Pants children’s book series coming soon and will always be a dancer at heart.
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