Open a Door to Your Heart’s Deepest Feelings

Mary Ellen PetersonMary Ellen Peterson is CEO of Parents Helping Parents in San Jose, California. PHP increases the quality of life for our most vulnerable by providing services, resources and support for children with special needs, their families, and caregivers.

PHPDigging Deep is a unique journal not only for young people going through a chronic or life threatening illness but also for the parents and professionals providing them emotional and social support.  It offers everyone everyone a tool to open up conversation around the most private and intimate topics of family, friendship, fear, spirituality and hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Through the beautiful art work and creative style of writing the reader is drawn into self-reflection and a fun expressive way to communicate feelings that may not be easily talked about in everyday conversation.

This extraordinary journal provides the reader both a joyful way to view all they have overcome, provides them opportunities to communicate with others on what’s important to them and gives them both the experience of art and words to define all that they may be feeling but could not express on their own.

Both writers of “Digging Deep” faced their own challenges as youth and through their own life experience this journal was created.  It gives young people, their families and the professionals serving them a window to look through to see a strong spirit and inner strength that will encourage them through any challenge.  This journal will truly provide the owner with a door to explore their heart’s deepest feelings, encourage ways to cope and trust their inner strength- leading them to greater peace and hope for the future.
– Mary Ellen Peterson, CEO, Parents Helping Parents (Amazon book review)