5 Apps to Manage Caregiver Stress and Logistics

5 Apps to Manage Caregiver Stress and Logistics

As everyone struggled to take care of our friend’s everyday needs, we had our own emotional stress, our own lives, our own families and work. And we needed all the help we could get…

For the last three years, I was a caregiver to my best friend as she fought and eventually succumb to breast cancer. But as they say, “It takes a village,” and so it was not just me, but a group of our people that shared both the burden and the special moments. Working together as a team to take care of a loved one requires organization, dedication, and communication. On the one hand, sharing this tough caregiving journey helped to create a bond between everyone on the caregiving team; and on the other hand, it also created friction. As everyone struggled to take care of our friend’s everyday needs, we had our own emotional stress, our own lives, our own families and work. And we needed all the help we could get. Part of that help was digital. Here, from our experience, are a few apps that we found helpful while collaborating to provide the best care possible for our friend:


This app lets you store important documents in one place, create a care team, keep track of medications, and coordinate help with food, errands, transportation, etc. This hub of people, tasks, and timing was critical for dividing caregiving duties among multiple people. In addition, and sometimes even more importantly than these mechanics, the app let us send each other motivational messages, and the wellness journal for caregivers helped us vent and express our thoughts and emotions. (Looking for another way to express difficult emotions associated with caregiving? Check out our FREE app Shadow’s Edge!).

CaringBridge is available for free on iPhone or Android.

Sanvello (Formerly Pacifica)

Caregivers have to navigate a lot of responsibility, give up many of their own freedoms, and watch someone they love struggle with illness, all of which can increase the risk of depression, anxiety, and other health impacts. Sanvello lets you track how you feel and can detect patterns to learn why and when you get anxious or depressed or stressed. Unlike many of the apps in this list, Sanvello is just for you, the caregiver. And once you recognize your mental health patterns, try the in-app exercises to mitigate the daily pressure of caregiving and give yourself some moments of peace or insight.

Sanvello is available for free on iPhone or Android, with extra features available for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Similar to Sanvello, the Companion app helps users release negative thoughts, practice relaxation techniques, and engage in mindful awareness in a way that promotes well-being. The major difference between the two is Companion’s focus on developing a more present mindset. For caregivers, it can be hard to look back at the past and scary to look into the future. Cultivating a present mindset can help you find moments of hope and joy during your caregiving days.

(Companion is free on iOS and Android)


Just not feeling it? Want to kick negative thoughts, nix worry, and dial down stress? The array of engaging games, activity suggestions, and gratitude prompts makes Happify a useful shortcut to a good mood. Even cooler? Its website links to bonus videos that are sure to make you smile. Basically, Happify makes you happy. And what caregiver doesn’t need that?


In case apps are not for you, then maybe you prefer a podcast for some practical advice, self-care tips, encouragement or simply the knowledge that you are not alone:. Here are three podcasts to check out:

Caregiving is not an easy road (believe me, I know…). No matter how short or long is the journey with your loved one, caregiving is tough on the mind, the heart, and the soul, making you feel pressured and pulled at from all sides sometimes. Know this: You work is important. And also know that it’s okay to feel the negative emotions that come with your journey, and to struggle to find your own footing as a caregiver. Be proud of yourself and what you are doing. And most importantly, find the tools you need to give yourself a break, both mentally and physically. You deserve it.