Explorando Hondo: Spanish Version of Digging Deep to be Donated to Kids and Teens Battling Serious Illness

Jennifer DelamareJennifer is a marketing and marketing communications consultant for Resonance House and the Digging Deep project, responsible for Partner Relations with hospitals and nonprofits. She holds bachelors degrees in History and French Studies from Stanford University and worked in marketing communications and public relations for start-up companies including SuperMac Technology and ASP Computer Products. […]

“We know that journaling helps support children and teens emotionally during serious or chronic illness. Resources for meeting Spanish-speaking patients’ emotional needs are very hard to find and we look forward to making Explorando Hondo available to our patients—it is a world-class resource!”

Alan Schroeder M.D., Director of In-Patient Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care, Valley Medical Center Foundation, San Jose, California


San Francisco, CA, August 24, 2015


Resonance House announced publication of Explorando Hondo: Un diario personal para niños y adolescentes que enfrentan desafíos de salud, the Spanish-language version of their multi-award winning book, Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges by Rose Offner and Sheri Brisson.

Journaling provides a channel for sick kids and teens to take an active role in their emotional health by helping them express their thoughts, worries, and concerns that are all too often suppressed,” explains Sheri Brisson, a brain cancer survivor herself and coauthor of Explorando Hondo. “Young, Spanish-speaking patients have the same emotional issues as English-speaking patients, but they often have an even harder time expressing their feelings because of language barriers and cultural differences.” According to Brisson, “Explorando Hondo will give them a sense of control over their own emotional health—this is critical to their well-being and recovery.”

The journal’s engaging art and writing prompts, geared especially toward children ages 10-18 with serious or chronic illness, or disabilities, inspire readers to open up and express their emotions. Journaling not only builds resilience and inner strength but results in improved communication between young patients, their families, and health care providers.

Child Life specialists, social workers, and pediatric nurses are among those using Explorando Hondo to help children through the emotional trauma of their diagnoses, lengthy hospital stays, and difficult treatments.

Nearly 13,000 complimentary copies of the English-language Digging Deep have been distributed to over 40% of the nations’ pediatric hospitals and hundreds of nonprofit organizations since its release ten months ago.  Hospitals in heavily Spanish-populated areas, such as Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Miami and New York City have been anticipating the release of Explorando Hondo, with nearly 2,000 copies shipped in the first two weeks since release July 30th.

According to Doug Leffin, Child Life Specialist at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles,  “Digging Deep has already been very popular for half a year with our Child Life Specialists, Social Workers, and patients. The content makes it much easier to discuss difficult subjects with kids, and makes them realize they are not alone living with their illness. 75-80% of our patients speak Spanish, so we are especially grateful to now have Explorando Hondo. Any resource in Spanish is a cherished commodity!”

Coauthor Sheri Brisson is available for interviews to discuss the Digging Deep/Explorando Hondo project and her philanthropic mission.


About Resonance House: Resonance House, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, partners with children’s hospitals and children’s health organizations to gift Digging Deep or Explorando Hondo to any child who needs it, regardless of economic means.

About Sheri Sobrato Brisson: Sheri is a brain tumor survivor who discovered the importance of self-reflection during her recovery. From her personal illness experience and a dozen years supporting families and children with serious illness, her life’s mission is to empower families dealing with these difficult issues.

About Digging Deep and Explorando Hondo: These journals are bright, engaging tools that make dealing with health challenges easier and help young patients heal emotionally by discovering their inner strength.

Explorando Hondo: Un diario personal para niños y adolescentes que enfrentan desafíos de salud (ISBN: 978-0-9891039-3-0) was released July 30, 2015.

Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges (ISBN: 978-0-9891039-1-6) was released October 15, 2014.


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