Sheri, Rosy and Kevyn Eva at the Shadows Edge Launch Event at the Sobrato Center for onprofits

What an exciting week! Last Monday, we announced the release of our game, Shadow’s Edge, the first FREE game designed to build resilience in young people facing health challenges. The game stems from the experience of our founder, Sheri Sobrato Brisson, who survived aggressive brain cancer as a young adult and now offers this game free and without ads in the hope that young people will use this tool to explore the emotional aftermath of illness. Medical science is healing young patients’ bodies; we know that serious or chronic illness, disability, or mental health issues are very real traumas and hope that Shadow’s Edge will help young people heal their souls.

Toward this goal, we NEED YOUR HELP! First, if you haven’t already downloaded the game, please consider giving it a try. Heck, it’s free and it takes about 45 seconds to download to your Apple or Android device. All downloads help the game be displayed more prominently in the app stores. Use the links below or if it’s easier, just search “Shadow’s Edge” on your phone’s app store.

The game takes place in the city of Shadow’s Edge, which has lost its color after a great storm. Now it’s up to players to find the Guardians of Disruption, Disillusionment and Discovery who will send them on quests to find missing pages of a magic journal that along with players’ graffiti brings color and life back to the city. Be warned: The game isn’t meant to be Candy Crush. It’s meant to ask questions that help young people explore the experience of their illness through journaling and creating graffiti. As such, it is an emotional journey — difficult at times — but many of the teens who helped us test beta versions of the game also found that it was very rewarding!

We would love to hear what YOU think! Once you’ve played for a bit, please consider posting a review to the App Store or Google Play. Your feedback will help us reach more young people dealing with the emotional aftermath of illness. Together and as a culture, we are waking up to the fact that a young adult’s journey through illness doesn’t end when the body is healed. And sometimes the most challenging aspects of an illness aren’t those that you can see on the outside. Please consider sharing this post, downloading the game, and leaving a review to help us bring Shadow’s Edge to more young people who need to be shown the power of their own resilience.

Garth Sundem
Garth Sundem is a parent, husband, GeekDad and author of books including "Real Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Change". Find him at
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